Why all altcoins are scams.

Do you feel like other krypto's don't have a solid enough foundation?

Yes, more or less this. Here's the thing: other cryptos do stuff differently. They may use larger blocks, shorter block times, other mining algorithms, whatever.

There are two possibilities: Either these changes are crap and that other crypto runs into problems long term, then it's fucked and goes to zero. Or the changes are good and make sense, then the other crypto is sort of a test environment and the adaptation will be incorporated into bitcoin. Now why would I use ObscureCoin3000 for feature X, if feature X is also in bitcoin, which has the longest chain, i.e. the most work put into it making it the most secure one, the most accepted and traded, the best brand recognition etc.?

So if an alternative feature is good, the altcoin is fucked, because bitcoin will be adapted (like with SegWit now, which was originally in Litecoin), or the alternative feature is bad, well then the altcoin is fucked too.

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