How to withdraw BCH if you had your BTC in a Paper Wallet

The manual way

What you need:

  1. Install breadwallet (iOS) or Coinomi (Android) on your smartphone/tablet and write the recovery seed on paper.
  2. Install ElectronCash on your computer. Also write down its recovery seed on paper.
  3. Sweep the whole BTC balance from the paper wallet to the breadwallet/Coinomi wallet.
  4. Copy the private key of the paper wallet into the "Private Keys → Sweep" window of ElectronCash. (see screenshot)

Now you have all your BTC in breadwallet/Coinomi and all the BCH in ElectronCash. They share no private keys and are cleanly separated into their respective blockchains.

To sell BCH for BTC, you can use, and a viarity of other exchanges. I used those two often and have no complains.

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