Claiming your free Clams

Clams is a PoS (proof of stake) cryptocurrency. As tells us: "If you held a balance on May 12th 2014 in a BTC, LTC, or DOGE address then you most likely already have CLAMcoin waiting to be dug up."

To claim your Clams, you can do the following:

Warning: Before importing your private key somewhere, send the funds to a new address of a new wallet.

  1. Dig up the wallets or private keys that you had a bitcoin-balance in before and during May 12th, 2014.
  2. Go to and enter the chat.
  3. Use the chat bot /dig "bitcoin address" "bitcoin key" (without the quotation marks)
  4. This will credit your just-dice-account your Clams.
  5. You can then withdraw them into your own wallet, for example Coinomi on Android.
  6. One exchange that lets you trade Clams for Bitcoin is

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