How to withdraw BCH if you had your BTC in breadwallet

The manual way

What you need:

  1. Install Mycelium on your smartphone/tablet and write the recovery seed on paper.
  2. Install ElectronCash on your computer. Also write down its recovery seed on paper.
  3. Send the whole BTC balance from breadwallet to the Mycelium wallet.
  4. Go to and type in your breadwallet seed.
  5. Scroll down until you see the "Derivation Path" headline.
  6. Select the "BIP 32" tab (red arrow in the screenshot).
  7. Next to "BIP32 Derivation Path" write m/0'/0 (blue arrow in the screenshot).
  8. Scroll down further to see the addresses and private keys that were generated. They should be the same addresses as in your breadwallet installation.
  9. Copy all the private keys to the addresses you used into the "Private Key → Sweep" window of ElectronCash. (see screenshot)

Now you have all your BTC in Mycelium and all the BCH in ElectronCash. They share no private keys and are cleanly separated into their respective blockchains.

If the BCH balance doesn't match the BTC balance you had before and during August 1st in your wallet, change the derivation path from m/0'/0 to m/0'/1 , which is where change addresses are located.

Do not reuse the breadwallet seed once it has been exposed to your desktop/laptop computer. Archive it and create a new one, if you want to switch back to breadwallet. Then send all your BTC from Mycelium to your new breadwallet installation.

To sell BCH for BTC, you can use, and a viarity of other exchanges. I used those two often and have no complains.

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